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    RTTL Guide

    Using SmartSMS RTTL/RTTTL ringtones (Ringing Tone Text Transfer Language) can be sent from your PC to your phone.

    To download SmartSMS follow these instructions:
    1. Download SmartSMS
    2. Click OK
    3. Click on picture to setup
    4. Click continue
    5. Follow the software prompts to finish downloading


    1. go to the windows start bar
    2. Click on programmes
    3. Select smart SMS and double click on the icon. (you can drag and drop it onto your desktop for easier use?)

    When open carefully set the following

    1. Click on settings the first thing you need to do is detect what port your modem is on.
    2. Select com port 2 then click on test com port it will tell you when it has located it. If it is not on com 2 repeat until found.
    3. leave the modem speed at 9600 for less possible complications


    4. In the PHONENUMBERS TO SMSC AND SMSC PICTURE MESSAGES insert 00491722278020.

    Note: this is a German SMSC number and there is a small charge (we do not take any share of this charge and it is a lot less than buying a ringtone) and when tested worked mainly world wide. If you have any problems with this number try the following ones.

    Dialed from: another country same country
    Belgium - Mobistar 0032495955205 0495955205
    Denmark - TeleDanmark Mobil 004543625250 43625250
    Germany - D2 privat 00491722278020 01722278020
    Germany - D2 00491722278000 01722278000 (ISDN X.75 only)
    Iceland - Landssimi Islands 9541010
    Netherlands - KPN Telecom 0031653141414 0653141414
    Norway - Telenor Mobil 004790002198 90002198
    Sweden - Telia Mobile 0046740930000 0740930000
    Finland - Sonera 209801
    Portugal - TMN 00351962113000 962113000
    Switzerland - Swisscom Natel 0041794998990 0794998990

    When selecting a number from the above list use the first one if you do not live in that country or the second one if you do.
    5. Click ok to exit settings


    Looking at the application you will see a white icon near the bottom this is to add the names and number that you want to send stuff to.

    1. Click on it just type in the name for now
    2. This is IMPORTANT with the telephone number take out the first digit then replace with 0044 and enter into the numbers box.
    3. once you have finished entering your name and numbers click close.

    For example 07886 887653 would be changed to 0044 7886 887653 (without spaces this is for illustrative purposes)

    3. When finished entering your name and numbers click close.

    Now add your ringtones

    1.Select Picture, Ringtone, or flash SMS
    2. Copy and paste the ringtone or logo into the box by using the right key on the mouse. (from the ringtones)
    3. Click Ok
    4. Then Click Send

    You have now finished and the ring tone will be sent.

    Any problems - consult the help files on the smartsms software or check that the smsc numbers are working.

    RTTTL/Nokring Format (More Information?)

    Ringtone Composer Format (More Information?)

    Key Press Format (More Information?)

    We Hope you enjoy the RTTL Guide free ringtones .

    To get FREE Set Up instructions and FREE software to get as many FREE Nokia Ring Tones as you would like Click Here.

    As well as the ringtones here being Free we have spent a lot of time testing the software so that you can send them from your PC to your Phone!

    The RTTL Guide free ringtones © Copyright 2003, Free Nokia Ring Tones - Free Nokia Ring Tones for mobile phones.

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